Blogging is a great way to both drive in new website visitors and have previous visitors return to your website frequently. We work with our clients to implement a blog on their website for creating engaging content that fits our client’s budget and schedule. All too often, we see generic, and often completely unrelated, blog posts on websites. So, we focus on what our clients think is specifically best for their business. We listen, suggest relevant topics, and let our clients decide the best articles to appear on their blog. We make sure the blog not only ties in directly with our client’s offerings, but also supports their search engine efforts, conforms to a pre-determined budget, and includes backlines to relevant content within the blog posts. Of course, nothing is posted without our client’s approval. We always give our clients plenty of time to review and edit blog posts. We also provide clients with a blogging calendar that fits their schedule and keeps website visitors coming back.

  • Editorial Calendar
  • Full Client Access to Blog
  • Spam Comment Protection
  • Blog Setup
  • Sidebar Setup
  • Custom Author Setup
  • Blog Categories
  • RSS Feed Integration
  • Basic Yoast Setup
  • Share/pin Buttons
  • Footer and Home Page Integration
  • Blog Roll (Display Related Posts)
  • Post Topic Choices by Client
  • Editing of Client Images
  • Call to Action in Posts
  • Creation of “Social Previews”
  • Client Keyword Integration
  • Internal/External Backlinks
  • Backlinks Per Post
  • Title Tags and Optimized URLs
  • Disqus Comments


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