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Why we recommend WordPress as the Best Platform for Small Business Websites

For us at XOX Media LLC, WordPress is the best platform for small business websites because of its flexibility. Here are some more of the best reasons why you should use WordPress for your small business website. WordPress has an overwhelming amount of templates and themes which allow us to customize your website to match the feel of your business perfectly while staying on a budget. If you want to learn more about why WordPress is the best platform for small business websites, then check out this shortlist of great reasons why WordPress makes sense.

The design possibilities are endless
We can create just about any kind of website imaginable with our HTML and CSS know-how. And since WordPress is open-source software—that means that it’s endlessly modifiable. This means that it was built with flexibility in mind, and your website can grow with your business.

You can go very small, or very big
WordPress offers a range of options when it comes to creating your website. While it’s great to go very small for start-ups, there are also many great ways your website can match your business as your business expand and add new features into it as needed.

SEO friendly by default
One of WordPress’ greatest strengths lies in its search engine optimization. When we create a website with WordPress, we don’t have to worry about going through a lengthy process of coding it to ensure that it’s friendly toward search engines—WordPress handles all of that automatically. This means that WordPress will always help your business get found by customers while staying on a budget.

WordPress is the world’s most popular blogging platform and content management system, making it the perfect choice for small business websites of all kinds. There are countless plugins and apps we use to create unique, website-specific functionality like contact forms and payment gateways for your business. These plugins and apps help us get you up and running in no time while staying on a budget. WordPress is an excellent platform for creating small business websites.

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