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Your Businesses Branding and Interior Design

When it comes to your business, the design of your office will determine not only how your clients will feel during their visit, but also how you and your staff will be using the office space every day. Planning the office space thoroughly will help you make the most of your construction budget and improve your daily workflow. Working with design professionals that are certified and experienced can help you achieve the office of your dreams that impresses your clients and ties in directly with your branding and brand messaging.

When meeting with your branding designer and interior designers, consult them about the following:

Traffic flow
Make your office is as comfortable as you can for clients, adding amenities such as screens and areas with refreshments. Work with your designer to not only create those spaces for your clients who are visiting your office, but also keep the traffic flow in mind. This will ensure that it will be easy for your staff to go to and from meetings. To improve the workflow and productivity for your staff, add passages for them to walk between meeting rooms promptly.

Natural light is a determining factor for staff, and to avoid a too clinical feel of the for your space. The lighting and lighting color should be harmonious with your branding color and feel. As natural lighting is sometimes not possible, work with designers to incorporate soft light sources to give your space a bright and open feel. Avoid lighting that is too harsh.

Color scheme
Depending on the feel you are looking for with your overall brand, decide on the main accent color. This color will be used throughout your branding materials, as well as the office. White is often the most popular color choice to support your accent color for office spaces due to its clean and serene nature. It is recommended to paint the admin and waiting areas a different color than the offices to give the space a different feel for clients. When delimiting interior space colors of your practice, base the interior colors on your business’s branding.

There are many flooring choices available, each having different benefits. Often, carpeting is used in the admin and waiting areas to create a comfortable and inviting feel. For larger office spaces or medical offices, ceramic flooring is used for sterilization purposes. As every medical practice is different, their flooring material needs are different and should be matched to the individual office.

Overall, the feel of your brand and interior of your office should be harmonious with each other to match. It is often advisable to bring your branding designer along to your meeting with your business’s interior designer to keep your office and branding on track.

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