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Website Trends During COVID-19 In Consulting, Accounting, And Law Firms

Many consulting firms are operating as usual. But instead of the office, consulting firms adapted to do business from the safety of their home. After an initial adjustment period, many companies now run as smoothly as before, relying on their website as one of their best assets to make the life for their team easier, effectively communicate with their clients, and also bring themselves to the forefront of potential clients. Whereas businesses considered the website an essential tool for them before, it has now turned into a crucial necessity. It carries the companies through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

While the business has not slowed for many of these firms yet, there have been changes in communication. Those changes are with team members, as well as clients in times of COVID-19. Many firms not only keep their clients updated about their firm’s current operational status but integrate day to day tasks and interactions on the website. Employee portals have seen a growth in the last few weeks by many clients, insurance forms, and more are now securely downloaded and re-uploaded by employees. Client meetings run now through online portals such as Zoom have integrated access on the website, to make life easier not only for teams but also for clients. But, I have also seen a shift in payments in the past weeks. Whereas checks would be sending my mail or brought in in person, businesses are now making more use of their online payment systems so clients can handle their billing online, without any in-person contact.

Those changes are here to stay. As life will get little by little back to the new normal in the next few months, businesses are now seeing the value websites add to their business long term. Many features that were released recently can save companies time (and money), even offices are back open.

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