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Tips and Tricks on Buying the Best Branding and Promotional Materials

Buying good quality branding and promotional materials is often a pricey matter for many businesses. When just starting out, many companies choose to start out with lower quality materials instead. This is done for cash flow reasons. After several years in business and improved cash flow, many companies start buying higher quality branding, promotional, and marketing materials in late December, impulse-based, to take advantage of federal tax credits.

Tip 1
Stop impulse-buying materials
Thoroughly research the suppliers of your businesses print and promotional material needs, and allow at least 1-2 weeks of research to find the perfect supplier to fit your businesses needs. To stay within the tax deadline, meet with your accountant mid-year to determine which budget you have available to purchase new branding material. This leaves you with enough time to review pricing, materials, and request some samples.

Tip 2
Upgrade branding materials you will give out weekly, if not daily.
Focusing on branding materials that you use daily in your office or give out to customers versus trendy materials will improve the impact you will get for your budget. It is crucial to stay up-to-date with your competitors. But, focus on researching and buying materials that will improve your daily workflow and the impact it will make on your customers. Often, the latest promotional materials that have been impulse buys will stay in boxes for weeks and months to come, as your practice doesn’t have to use it. Whereas essential promotional materials, such as business cards and brochures, among others, are a safe and wise investment in the future productivity of your business.

Tip 3
Take advantage of trade prices and other discounts
Compare costs when it comes to pricing and discounts. Sometimes, savings can be found when purchasing promotional equipment directly with your branding designer. More often than not, trade show pricing, even with discounts turn out to be pricier than when purchased from a regular supplier. Your branding designer can buy promotional materials at discounted rates and can offer that discount to their clients.

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