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The Importance of Website Speed

How slow has your website been lately? If you aren’t sure, you can always check by using one of the many web-based speed test tools available online to check your website’s loading speed. While some of these tools might not be 100% accurate, they can still give you an idea about how fast or slow your site loads in comparison to other sites and what you can do to increase your speed. Web hosting speed plays an important role in the speed of your website and how visitors view your site.

Why You Should Care About Website Speed
How fast your website loads can be the difference between converting new customers and keeping them or losing them to another website that loads faster. Here are some examples of how speed affects the overall visitor experience on your site, which can lead to conversions, time on page, time on site, bounce rate, and more.

What Does Slow Loading Time Do To Your Visitors?
When we talk about web performance and how to make a website faster, some people assume that any time saved is just a few seconds here and there. But research shows that even slight delays can make users leave your site in frustration—and it’s almost certain that they’ll never come back. Studies have shown that each 100-millisecond delay in loading your site results in a 7% drop in conversions for e-commerce sites and an 8% drop for lead generation sites.

How To Reduce Website Load Time
The key to reducing load time is choosing a hosting company that offers an optimized server, knows how to manage traffic spikes, and has fast transfer speeds between their server and your website. To ensure that visitors are getting an optimized website experience when visiting your site, it’s important to find a reputable host for your WordPress-powered site. Your hosting provider should also offer options for SSL (HTTPS) and cloud storage services.

Creating the perfect website to capture the attention of website visitors and keep them on your site can be difficult, but there’s one thing that all web hosts can help you with speed. Website speed has become incredibly important in today’s world, especially considering how many people access the internet from mobile devices where they don’t have unlimited data plans and often have slower connections than they do at home.

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