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Social Media in the Times of COVID-19 in the Construction Industry

With the construction industry being one of few that is considered essential, they have a unique advantage on how to leverage social media during and after the current crisis. While social media for construction companies is composed of different components and hurdles than other industries, it can also provide advantages. Those advantages can help you right now to see your construction firm thrive. While other business fields have to shut down, many construction companies can continue working with the right restrictions and safety measurements in place, allowing them to get ahead of the curb. Social media is a tool for those construction firms to showcase just that. Safety, adaptability, and progressiveness. All of which are the main characteristics of growing construction firms.

With safety being on the foreground for many construction companies, COVID-19 brought additional challenges to construction sites, but also the opportunity for companies who handle those challenges well to show off their accomplishments through social media. Not only safety precautions and measurements add value to those companies and create trust with clients, but also the teamwork behind it and willingness to work and complete projects on construction sites during difficult times. Showing off progress and behind the scenes can be a great tool in your social media strategy and can be implemented in videos on YouTube, Facebook, and your business Instagram stories. The willingness of companies to work through those challenges and prove it through results and can lead to tremendous growth in your construction firm. During and after the crisis. Not only will your clients be impressed by your willingness to complete projects, but also potential employees who will take a look behind the scenes on social media will be affected. They not only see your companies culture and teamwork through your social media but also your companies ability to keep staff safe.

It is a win-win for everyone, a well-managed construction company that shows through social media their potential to handle any situation and grows, as well as their clients that will place even more trust in your company.

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