Victoria Transcultural Clinical Center

The Challenge

Our client, Victoria Transcultural Clinical Center, is a minority-owned, for-profit multicultural mental health agency based in the DC Metro Area. The agency was looking to expand their business reach and online presence. The client was not previously active online with no social media profiles in existence.

The client’s new social media channels needed to be informative enough to capture the attention of families and referring practices, and had to incorporate the new logo and branding fluidly.

The solution

Since we have been working together, we added the client’s business to different social media channels. The social media channels were selected and created to keep past and future patients up to date with the practices and company news, as well as providing valuable resources to referring practices. The client is currently active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Vimeo. All channels are now managed by us with content that is provided by the client.

Social Media Screenshot
Social Media Screenshot
Social Media Screenshot
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