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Is Your Website Ready For The New Normal?

Your business website should not only hold you over while the lockdown is in place but also after, as we all adjust to a new normal. And, not only should it just hold you over, but it should help your business thrive. As your business needs change, your website should adapt to your company and its consistently growing needs. While your business might shift its focus more and more online, your website might not be ready for your client’s and team’s needs and demands. I compiled a list to prepare your business for the coming months.

Online Booking: Online booking can be an option for your business if your office is empty or sparingly staffed. It allows clients to book and manage their appointments and consultations online.

News: With the constant change in policies, many people are struggling to keep up. I see more and more people looking for guidance from businesses on how to interact with companies going forward. Providing that guidance not only establishes trust but also creates the base for a long-lasting relationship.

Resources: Looking for guidance on how to work with your business is not the only thing your clients crave. General news and resources on how COVID-19 relates to your industry can be a source for your clients to go back to, and especially keep coming back.

Employee Information: With staff meetings off the table, having private website pages for your employees can be a great source to keep them up to date with new policies and guidelines. While smaller meetings can be held over Zoom and Microsoft Teams, having a page dedicated to resources for all employees can be a huge time saver for your business.

While all four items are especially important during the crisis, they are here to stay and add long-term value to your business, your team, and clients.

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