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How To Determine If A Marketing Agency Is A Good Fit For You

Working with a marketing agency on a longterm basis and building a strong relationship is always rewarding for both parties. Every business relationship is build on trust, but how to know if you can really trust a marketing agency?

We summarized the most important questions to ask yourself and the marketing agency:

Do they listen or talk?

You as a client are the focus, so are your goals. It should be their priority to listen to you, and learn as much about you business as they can in order to help you instead of promoting themselves.

Are they transparent?

Even though the first meeting should be about you, it is for you to ask specific questions to get to know the agency you are considering to hire. Red flags here are unclear or no answers to concerns you might have and their experience.

Are they willing to stay within your budget?

It is important, especially for bigger projects to discuss and set a budget to have a written agreement from the agency to stay within the set budget. Watch for agencies that invoice bigger projects after the work is done and bill your hourly.

Do they stay up to date with industry news and strategies?

Ask what they do on a daily basis to stay up to date with the ever changing marketing industry. You may also ask question about their technology and the newest programs and tools they work with. This is especially important for SEO and Social Media.

How do they present themselves?

If they offer web design, how does their website look? If they offer SEO, which score does their website get in terms of SEO (https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/)? If they offer social media, are they keeping their pages up to date? Make sure they follow what they sell.

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