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How To Choose The Branding Colors For Your New Business 

Choosing the right branding color scheme and a thoroughly thought-out accent color can do wonders for a business, its messaging, and its interiors. The colors you and your designer choose will influence how clients perceive your business and how they feel in your office.

The process when choosing colors is different for every business, depending on the type of industry, specialty, and clientele. Where soothing colors and a neutral color palette is appropriate for a health care facility, law firm, or accounting firm, a bright and bold color palette is recommended for anyone in the pediatric field, tech field, creative field, or a startup. A frequent error for many businesses is to choose an accent color that is too bold and indirectly sends the wrong message to potential clients. Adding bold colors to the branding and interiors of businesses such as healthcare and therapy facilities should only be done in small accents.

When choosing colors, keep in mind that current trend colors and hues are often not long-lived. Rebranding a business can have a direct effect on its interiors and adds up to more time when the company is not open, which leads to a loss of revenue. So, when choosing an interior design and paint color for your office, pick a neutral hue that complements your overall branding. You will be happy with it for years to come. After finding your perfect paint color or colors (it is recommended to pick different paint colors for different office rooms, depending on how the rooms are used), choosing a finish and VOC will be the next task. Pick a durable paint finish for high traffic areas, such as the corridor, is essential for maintaining a space. Zero VOCs paints are recommended for office spaces that have to be repainted often, as you don’t want paint odor to affect clients and staff.

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