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Facebook vs. Twitter Advertising

Nearly everyone know about the advertising options Facebook offers, but lesser-known is that Twitter offers advertising for companies as well. While Facebook offers advertising on its site in many forms, (e.g., app ads, domain ads, sponsored stories) Twitter keeps it much simpler with promoted tweets, accounts, and trends. We compare below the advantages and disadvantages of each network.

Active audience reach
Facebook wins this category clearly with 1.25 billion active users. Twitter is far behind Facebook with only 232 million active daily users.

Content share
With 4.75 billion daily shares, Facebook wins this category as well and leaves Twitter (with only 500 million daily shares) behind.

Ad performance
The average cost of an impression on Twitter is currently $3.50, Facebook compares to it with an average cost of $0.59 per impression. Twitter does not currently publish data that would determine the return on investment for businesses while Facebook states that the return on investment for their users is 109%.

All in all, I always recommend advertising on Facebook instead of Twitter, especially when being on a tight budget.

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