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Expected Brand Messaging Trends To Be Seen In The “New Normal”

As technology and design trends have been developing over the past several years, so have businesses. To stay up to date with trends, attract new clients, and keep up with competitors, more and more companies are not only improving their office technology but also the brand message they convey through their office space and the perks they provide for staff and clients to return.

Trend 1
Office waiting areas with a few chairs and magazines are passé. To keep clients occupied and happy, many waiting rooms now feature iPads with free WiFi, working stations, and more. This not only makes for more relaxed meetings but also for a more enjoyable working environment for office staff and clients.

Trend 2
Comfortable Environment
Many businesses try to bring the comfort of their client’s homes into the waiting area. They go above and beyond for customers to feel at ease during the office visit. Modular seating is nowadays often replaced with comfortable chairs in smaller sitting groups. Additionally, areas with beverages and other refreshments are added to make for a pleasant waiting time.

Trend 3
Advanced Technology and Online Appointments
Online appointment scheduling systems are already common for most businesses. Clients expect companies not only to use the newest and most accurate technology and software in their industry but also to make their waiting time more comfortable. Sending out text reminders before the appointment is a recent trend that is appreciated by customers. The “online business” trend has already been on the rise, especially since COVID-19 hit, but it is expected to progress more in the next few years when online-only businesses will be even further on the rise.

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