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Blogging – Do’s and Don’ts

Having a blog is a great way to engage with potential costumers and drive traffic to your website. But the challenge is not in setting it up, but in maintaining it and providing your audience with relevant and unique content on a regular basis. We have covered below the do’s and don’ts in the world of blogging.


  • Post frequently and provide your audience with relevant content
  • Be relatable and let your personality shine through
  • Engage and network with other bloggers
  • Out of ideas? Ask your readers for their suggestions!
  • Have fun with it!


  • Spam and be too promotional
  • Copy content and steal photos (beware of the copyright law)
  • Make grammar and spelling mistakes! (Use: http://spellcheckplus.com)
  • Write long blog posts! Keep your posts short and on point!
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