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Announcement: Introducing Value Plans

Business owners of all sizes are currently struggling and trying to cope with the changing way of making their business adapt to the new normal. Especially companies that have not had (or did not see the need for) an online presence before are now looking for ways to bring their business online to attract customers and provide a platform for their existing customer base. A big hurdle for those businesses is often the lack of budget. I developed new value website packages that I targeted towards those types of companies. They provide companies with an online platform for their business to communicate with their current customer basis but also help those businesses to provide information and attract new customers for $39 a month.

How does it work?
Clients have the choice of one of ten themes that I created to not only fulfill the needs of their industry but have everything included to present their business in the best light. To adapt it to their business, clients can choose colors, images, and the copy to be a perfect match for their business, and I will create their website within three days or less.

The Benefits?
Unlike with DIY website builders such as Wix, Squarespace, and co, my packages are designed for flexibility so clients can get the most bang for your buck. In the same price range, clients will have their website professionally designed, managed, and consistently kept current. Not only that, but businesses will not be subject to sudden price, terms, or policy changes many larger companies implement.

Even though raising my prices was on the horizon, I felt the need to adapt my business to the current requirements and challenges other companies are facing. I kept my standard package as-is for the time being. The rollout of my Value Package offers businesses in-need and a limited budget an opportunity to have the online presence their business needs and deserves during and after the crisis.

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