I founded xox Media in 2013 because I saw more and more business owners across every field struggling to afford not only the cost of designing and developing a quality website, but also the ongoing tasks of updating and maintaining their newly-developed website. Costs escalated over their heads, maintaining it became a burden, and problems (functionality stopping or being hacked) inevitably were found much later, leaving their business vulnerable. Long gone are the days when websites were setup and then forgotten about until a redesign was deemed “due”. Nowadays, websites are living and breathing entities that grow and evolve with your business. They represent your business when you can’t. Today, websites require constant updating in order to stay functional and secure, as browsers, tablets, and phones constantly update and new security threats emerge every day.

I began brainstorming and developing no-nonsense packages that would be effective and affordable, solving all of these problems for businesses looking to always be strategically presented online in the best light. My solution was simple, and fail-proof for my clients. I developed affordable, all-inclusive packages that have no upfront fees, immediately save you time and money, never leave your business vulnerable, and effectively speak to your target market. That’s how xox Media was born. Because of the success of those packages, I developed additional packages to make business owners’ and their staff’s lives even easier after their website is up and running, handling social media presence, reputation, newsletters, branding and more–while still paying zero upfront. This is how business should be: personable, timely, reliable, and affordable.

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Since 2013, xox Media has been trusted by dozens of businesses, big and small, across the country. We help businesses just like yours navigate the complex world of website design (and more!), saving you time and allowing you to focus fully on your business. Your brand, website, and online marketing efforts should communicate clearly and openly with your target market, genuinely sell your services and products, and help boost your business seamlessly. And that’s exactly what our core values reflect: reliable, quality work that your business can afford.


No matter the size, needs, or budget of your company, we offer packages that are affordable for any business. Our packages are specifically developed to not have any setup or upfront fees, making them accessible for businesses of any size, and designed to reach your goals within your budget.


All of our projects are backed by a money-back guarantee, no questions asked. We want you to not only be comfortable, but also happy to be working and growing with us. We offer the full money-back guarantee on each and every one of our projects so you and your business don’t have to take any risks and are protected.


We help businesses create online presences and branding materials that they can be proud of, and are strategically developed based on our analysis and with your goals in mind. Your website should not just sit there, it should add value to your business, and make your life, and your clients' lives, easier.


You will not be stuck in a long-term contract while working with us. All contracts we offer are on a straightforward and simple month-to-month basis, and can be upgraded, downgraded, or canceled any time to fit your business needs. Giving you the flexibility your business deserves.


Many business owners work with us after the disappointment of working with past companies that overcharged them, left them vulnerable, or went completely unresponsive. We selectively choose to work on a very small number of new projects at any given time to ensure we can focus fully on the setup and maintenance of our clients.


As a business, we know the frustration of calling hotlines, finding chat buttons, and waiting days for an email response. If you want somebody that takes your success personally—and if you want to call and talk directly to your developer instead of a customer service representative—then we’ll make a great team!


  • Cindy Patterson
    Cindy Patterson FOUNDER

    Let me introduce myself. Hello! My name is Cindy Patterson, and I’m originally from Germany (that’s where the accent is from) now residing in Washington, D.C.. I work with entrepreneurs and their amazing teams to make their lives easier and their businesses more profitable. As a studied marketing and communication graduate, I strategically approach every project and help business owners reach their goals while saving time and money. I love accompanying my clients on their journey to success and seeing them grow. When you don’t find me designing, coding, and developing projects, you can find me snowboarding in winter, in Europe in the summer, and out and about with my husband and two dogs.

    Personal motto:
    “Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.” – Groucho Marx

    Often hear me saying:
    What’s the WiFi password?

    Best hidden gem in the DC area:
    Kanpai Sushi (no, it’s not Georgetown Cupcake)

    You would’ve never guessed:
    Jurassic Park was my favorite childhood movie

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