Behind every great business is a story that deserves to be told. We are a creative agency based in Washington, D.C., focusing on telling our clients’ stories through their branding, website, and online presence. xox Media came to life after realizing the lack of affordable options for building and maintaining a unique and fully-managed online presence for businesses. We saw a rising need for small businesses to be out there to keep up with, and rise above, larger competitors. But, we realized that large, upfront fees were not feasible or comfortable for most companies, and business owners frequently lack the time commitment to continuously maintain their brand and online presence.

xox Media was founded to fill this gap. We help businesses successfully evolve through branding and online marketing while staying well within budget, as we know that is of the utmost importance for every small business. Our clients range from start-up entrepreneurs and small, local businesses, to larger companies from DC to California and anywhere in-between. We see ourselves as an extension to a client’s business, and love to guide them along the way, expand their story, and watch them grow and succeed.

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core values


We are always available to talk, email, or schedule a meeting. Being accessible allows us to respond quickly to our clients needs, and helps us build great relationships.


We are communicators, and love talking with our clients. Deadlines are as important to us as they are to you. We pride ourselves with never having missed a deadline.


We understand the importance to stay on budget, so we’re dedicated to always staying on budget while exceeding our clients’ expectations of excellence.


Your goals are our goals. We listen to your story and future goals, and work closely with you, as your trusted business partner, to help grow your business.

Our Method



Every project begins with listening closely to our client's current position and goals, and answering any and all questions and concerns. After that, we thoroughly research our client's market and competitors. Evaluation and analysis helps us understand how to develop the best strategy to reach and exceed our client's goals.



The conceptualization process begins with brainstorming ideas and finding the best, proven strategies suitable for reaching our client's target audience. The concept allows us to create a unique strategy that will ensure the highest return on investment for our clients.



We closely manage and monitor the projects and keep our clients updated every step of the way. We will go above and beyond for our clients while staying within the agreed upon budget and deadline.



Reviewing and measuring results both during and at completion of the project allows us to measure progress and results, and allows us to optimize client satisfaction and project deliverables. We are not satisfied until our clients are completely satisfied.



    Cindy is the owner and founder of xox Media, and holds a degree from one of Germany’s marketing academies with a specialization in communication. Born and raised in Germany, she is now a Washington, DC transplant working closely with entrepreneurs, businesses, and corporations, to provide them with creative and innovative branding and web solutions, allowing their businesses to grow.

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