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Why Work With Us

This is not about us, this is about you.

You and your business are what truly matters to us. As fellow business owners, we are in your corner and understand your day-to-day challenges. We know you’re busy and don’t have the time to fuss over your website every day. But, we also know you have good reason to be busy. You work hard every day delivering excellent services and products to your customers so you can grow your business.

And this is where we come in. We help you reach your ideal customers through your website in a strategic, relevant, and effective way. While you focus entirely on your business, we take care of your website (and other branding and marketing needs) from start to finish.

XOX Media LLC was founded a decade ago by Cindy Patterson. As a transplant from Germany, with a degree in Marketing and Communication, Cindy understood quickly what business owners wanted when it came to their website:

An outstanding design with a solid strategy behind it, worry-free upkeep so you can focus on your business, an unbeatable price for a project completed within a timeframe you set, and of course, no risk for your business. That is how XOX Media LLC was born.

To this day, websites are what we live and breathe. Just like your business, websites are ever-evolving – and so are we. We are constantly learning, evolving, and keeping up with all things website and marketing – so you don’t have to. We know that our skill set is unique, and you can’t be expected to “speak website”, so we provide you with easily-readable facts that mean you always know what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how your business benefits from it.

We are laser-focused on you, your business, and how we can help you reach your ideal client. We over-deliver on our promises – just ask our clients!

Our amazing client

Meet Greg.

Who You will work with

Cindy Patterson.

Let me introduce myself. Hello! My name is Cindy Patterson, and I’m originally from Germany (that’s where the accent is from) now splitting time between New York City and Washington, D.C.. I work with entrepreneurs and their amazing teams to make their lives easier and their businesses more profitable. As a studied marketing and communication graduate, I strategically approach every project and help business owners reach their goals while saving time and money. I love accompanying my clients on their journey to success and seeing them grow. When you don’t find me designing, coding, and developing projects, you can find me snowboarding in winter, in Europe in the summer, and out and about with my husband and two dogs.

Personal motto: “Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.” – Groucho Marx

Often hear me saying: What’s the WiFi password?

Best hidden gem in the NYC area: Supermoon Bakehouse

Best hidden gem in the DC area: Kanpai Sushi

You would’ve never guessed: Jurassic Park was my favorite childhood movie


Cindy Patterson

Owner and Founder

What we stand for

Our Mission.


Your goals on a budget

No matter the size, needs, or budget of your company, we offer packages that are affordable for any business.


We have your back

If anything goes wrong, we are ready to jump in and are your advocate in this process working with Google, Microsoft, and other vendors.


analysis based website

Your website should not just sit there, it should add value to your business, and make your life easier.


full focus on you

We choose to work on a limited number of new projects to ensure we can focus on the setup of our clients.


No long-term contracts

All agreements we offer are on a straightforward and simple month-to-month basis after the first year.

Personalized Service

One-on-one business

If you want to call and talk directly to your developers instead of a representative—we’ll make a great team!

What you Ask

Frequently Asked Questions.

How many clients do you take on at any time?

To fully concentrate on your business, we take on a maximum of 2 new clients per month. This approach allows us to focus on the setup of your website, work in unison with you, and come out ahead of the timeline you have in mind for your project. Working this way means you never have to wait for us.

What type of businesses do you work with?

Our clients are our greatest asset, so we only take on those we strongly believe in. Some of our clients are in the medical field, others are in interior design, architecture, and construction. Many of our clients are B2B or GovCon businesses. While we currently offer some of our clients an online shop extension, we currently do not accept purely online shops or dropship businesses as clients.


Our current clients include the following industries:

  • Accounting
  • Architecture
  • B2B
  • B2G
  • Construction
  • Consulting
  • Dentistry
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Interior Design
  • IT
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Non-Profit
  • Law
  • Technology
  • Therapy
  • And more
Do you offer any guarantee?

Yes, we actually offer three guarantees!

How does your pricing compare to other firms?

Other website design firms charge a large one-time, upfront fee, plus regular charges for ongoing maintenance. In contrast, all of our plans include only an ongoing all-encompassing monthly fee that's in the same price range as what other firms charge for maintenance. This helps you stay on budget and save time.

Do you outsource your work?

No. All work for our projects is completed by us in-house. We believe in close, personable relationships, and quality website work that your business can be proud of.

Why do you focus on strategy so much?

A modern, up-to-date website is the first step to leaving a great impression and establishing credibility to your website visitors. To encourage visitors to explore your site, the website content and structure must be strategically designed. That is why we first focus on creating the strategy, then implementing that strategy with outstanding design. Your website visitors will not only be welcomed with a great first impression, but leave with a last impression after exploring what your business has to offer.

Where are your clients located?

Even though all of our work is completed right here on the East Coast, our clients range from the DC, Virginia, and Maryland area, up to New York, and across the country to Oregon and California. Thanks to Zoom, Hangouts, and other invaluable communication applications, we are able to conveniently and effectively work with clients from all over the country to help them navigate the complex world of website design and branding, without compromising quality.

Can you build a website to my specs?

We love building out exactly what you have in mind! It is always great when clients come to us with a vision in mind for us to build into a reality. While we don’t edit other developer's websites, on occasion, we work with businesses who have come to love their old website that's lost its functionality over the years. We can rebuild an updated version of your old website -- not just with improved looks and functionality but will also be sustainable for years to come.

What does the project timeline look like?

We offer a 10-day turnaround guarantee on every one of our projects. But, we also know that fast timelines are not for everyone. Some businesses with their hands full prefer to take a slower approach, instead deciding to handle the process of content creation over a period of weeks or months. We match any timeline preferred by the client, making the process as convenient and interruption-less as possible.

What is important when working with clients?

Our relationship with clients is built on trust and longevity. We work hard to gain our client’s trust after a (typically) disappointing experience with their previous website studio. For that reason, we value honesty above all and ensure everything is not only completed to both their specifications and our agreement, but we strive to significantly exceed your expectations. No matter what timeline, budget, or features you’re looking to have integrated, we thrive on honesty and keeping the promises we make to your business.


What does the XOX stand for?

XOX is a reference to the game X’s and O’s (or Tic-Tac-Toe). Even though it might seem like a simple game at first, it requires analysis and strategic thinking to keep up with your competitor, just like Marketing and Communications. To come out ahead, you have both a clear advantage if you show initiative and make the first move over your competitor. To succeed, you have to align your three pieces in one row, which are Analysis, Strategy, and Management. XOX Media LLC was born out of the idea to help businesses align those three components in our website, branding, and other offerings, so you come out ahead of your competitors.

Why do your website plans include eBooks?

We want you to receive the most value out of our plans for your business. That is why we created three eBooks that we exclusively created for our clients.


Content That Converts
Many business owners struggle when it comes to creating intriguing website content. My marketing and communications background enables me to assist you in creating effective content for your website in-line with your goal. This guide is a guideline of content ideas and gives you a head-start in the content creation (or improvement) process.


Creating A Buzz
Launching a website can be stressful and overwhelming. But no worries, I’m here to take the stress out of it and make this an exciting experience for you and your business. I achieve this by developing a clear plan for us to follow so we can guarantee the launch of your new website will be a success. I also created this guide to equip you and your business with everything you need to generate hype around launch, so your business can get the attention it deserves.


Mastering Your Blog
This guide was created to give you all the tools to start a successful blog, that will help you boost your business’ marketing efforts and sales. No matter if you need ideas for upcoming blog posts or help to define your audience, this guide is here not only to help you get started but also to provide you with valuable resources along the way.

How do you work with clients on a tight budget?

All of our projects come with a fixed scope and fixed price, based exactly on your business's needs, wants, and budget. We know how important the budget is for businesses. For that reason, we layout from the beginning exactly what you can expect from us, in which timeframe, and what exactly it will cost you. This ensures you will not have any surprise charges, staying on budget at all times. Of course, we always offer the option during the contract for you to make adjustments as your business needs change.

Do you offer SEO services?

To be frank, the term SEO is a huge buzzword. We get a lot of clients who tell us that they want to "work on their SEO”. But they're only saying that because they saw it online somewhere, and not because they understand what that actually means. ⁠It basically involves digging deep into your website and optimizing every one of your site's pages for search engines to find you better.⁠ It's a lot of work. It's a lot of trial and error. Despite what tons of "free guides and videos" will tell you, there is no quick or cheap solution for SEO. ⁠ It’s a very long, very expensive marathon. And one you likely won’t finish first place in. Because we do not feel comfortable charging clients for so much work without guaranteed results, we do not offer SEO services. We are more than happy to provide you with a few tips to get you running with some basic SEO, as well as making sure that your site is built with Google's best practices in mind. For more advanced SEO, we’re more than happy to provide you with some help vetting SEO firms (to avoid expensive mistakes for you).

What benefits do you offer your clients?

We are long-term partners for our clients, and are always here when you need us. We've become trusted partners for our clients. No matter if they need a second opinion on their marketing strategy, website copy, and much more: we are here to help. Because of this, we've established a referral program for our clients, to pay them back for their kindness in recommending us. Clients receive a $300 credit to go towards their invoices.

How do you handle website security?

Few things are worse for your business than your website being hacked. It doesn't just destroy credibility with your customers, but also sees you being penalized by Google and other search engines. We do everything we can to keep your website both functional and secure. In addition to implementing firewalls and various security implementations, we are on 24/7 alert, and are notified if something happens on your website. We also examine all website security reports every Monday. If something suspicious occurs, we know right away and intervene.

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