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It’s challenging to stay on top on things in social media, especially with so many things happening at the same time. Below we provided a short daily checklist for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that will ensure you stay on top of your social media pages.


  • Respond to any questions in comments under your most recent posts
  • Share something that is relevant and interesting to your audience
  • Like, share, and comment on at least 3 status updates of companies you follow
  • Review your Facebook page insights and look for trends. Draw conclusions!
  • Listen and respond to what your network and costumers have to say


  • Search and follow at least 5 relevant accounts everyday
  • Follow back your new followers
  • Unfollow everyone who is inactive
  • Be polite and thank people who recommend, mention, and re-tweet you
  • Share interesting tweets and relevant accounts with your audience


  • Make new connections and invite interesting and relevant people to your network
  • Accept invites that are relevant to you
  • Visit, comment, “like”, and interact with other people in your network
  • Support your network by endorsing people you have worked with
  • Answer questions and be helpful in the Group and Question/Answer section of LinkedIn
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